Providing a Diversified One-stop  Solution  of  Payment and Settlement at Home and Abroad.

Through the gateway payments, PayEase provides high-quality services to clients from education, tourism, e-commerce, international exhibition, software services at home and abroad.
Our Strengths
Multichannel support
The payment services have been connected to systems of China UnionPay and Nets Union, support- ing debit card and credit card, which the services are very stable and with high payment success rate.
Customized Services
Customized solutions tailored to clients’ needs, professional technical team provide 7 x 24 hours service.
Total access network
Support quick access to APP、HTML5、WAP、PC、SDK, professional staff provide service with high efficiency.
Multidimensional Risk Control
Perfect external and internal risk control work together to ensure merchants’ transaction security whole day.
Synchronous clearing and settlement
Professional staff reconciliation in server background, doing clearing and settlement for clients, to make the fund will be transferred to the clients'account synchronously.
Major Customer Service Project
Establish major customer service project group, closely cooperate with interface and background, to ensure the perfect user experience for VIP.
Trustworthy partners
service orders
merchants who use our service
billion per year
Transaction amount
PayEase covers a wide range of industries and fields.
PayEase has embedded in the field of payment for 20 years. It has continuously broadened its business scope, explored the market and customer needs, enhanced the adaptability of product scenarios, deeply understood the industry environment, customized payment solutions for enterprises. Moreover, it regarded payment as the entry point to enhance its operating capacity, integrated innovative value-added services to help enterprises and customers develop rapidly in the Era of E-Commerce.

Carriers Industry

Provide one-stop payment solutions for China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom's charging, official network business handling,and hardware sales.

Product features:

• Perfect reconciliation system.

• T+1 capital settlement period.

• Support a variety of payment methods, flexible response to customer demand for payment.

Education Industry Solution

In 2003, PayEase began to cooperate with higher education institutions and institutional organizations and enterprises in depth. The contractors include nearly 1,000 industry customers, including Ministry of Education Examination Center, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Renmin University, Beihang University, Communication University of China, Open Edutainment, CPA Association and so on. PayEase has occupied most market share in education industry.

Product features:

• Customized product solutions for the special characteristics of the education industry.

• Flexible settlement methods, support T + 1 settlement, project settlement.

• Providing systematic support and tuition fees charging for studying abroad for universities.

Consumer Finance Industry Solution

The solution is suitable for merchants and borrowers of consumer financial platform. It can provide one-stop comprehensive solutions such as payment, risk control, account management, capital, financial technology and so on. It can also provide arrears management and repayment services to borrowers of consumer financial platform, so that all parties in consumer financial business can experience professional and meticulous housekeeping services.

Product Features:

• Get through all the links among opening account, lending, repayment.

• Cover all Chinese mainstream bank card type.

• Free accounting, multi-role liquidation.

• Deeply assist the precise consumption scene.

Insurance Industry Solution

PayEase provides collection and payment, account management products for the insurance industry, and matches the corresponding payment solutions for businesses such as premium collection, claim settlement, Commission generation, electricity sales collection, online sales collection, etc. At the same time, it also provides industry solutions such as premium installment and commission advance payment.

Product Features:

• Diversified payment channels.

• Convenient operation process.

• The capital is safe in transaction process.

• Be able to customize personalized demand.

Overseas Funds Collection Solution Industry

Overseas funds collection business of PayEase supports VISA, Master, AE, JCB international credit card payment, including overseas visa, international trade, hotel and flight tickets, entry-exit tourism, international conferences, tuition fees for overseas students and donations. Cooperate with Cybersource, the most authoritative risk control institution in the world, we could strictly guard against the risks faced by merchants in the process of trading by means of technical monitoring, system regulation and early warning mechanism.

Product Features:

• Using online payment by credit card is simpler and quicker than the traditional way of wire transfer.

• The whole process is operated online, and both sides of the transaction can receive the feedback of the transaction information quickly.

• There will be a risk of refusal if a problem occures in the transaction or service.